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teachmontessori's Journal

Montessori Teachers and Staff
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Montessori Teach

Welcome to Montessori Teach, a community in which Montessori staff can network with each other and discuss the unique experience that comes with working in a Montessori environment. All Montessori staff is welcome, including volunteers and student teachers.

Homeschooling parents, as well as daycare centers who integrate Montessori into their classes are also welcome.

Compare classes, policies, methods, views and even vent. As long as it has to do with working Montessori, it's not off topic.

I am looking for two co-mods, preferably at least one being a lead teacher or school director. Please email insolentmuse@gmail.com to apply. I don't have some strict application form, just wow me ;).

Rules (Yes, We have Rules!)

*If you are not a Moderator, do not act as one. I cannot say this enough. If there is an off topic post, or some other dispute that needs mod intervention, please contact me. My contact information is right here, and I am online several times a day. I will handle it. Please do not comment trying to assert the rules of the community, it is not your job and it makes the other members uncomfortable to have a non-moderator reciting rules at them.

*If a topic has already been brought up recently, don't give the poster the kiss off and tell them to check the memories or google. This totally defeats the purpose of having a discussion community, and my biggest pet peeve with Livejournal. This might be bitchy, but I have zero tolerance for this. If I see anyone post "Go check the memories, this has already been discussed", bye. (Obviously giving a helpful answer, discussing the post, and also referring to memories is fine, memories are there to help!)

*There is to be no flaming or abusive language toward fellow members. If you disagree with a post, or feel that something is terribly wrong (or illegal) please do not begin an insult and flame war. Do not participate in any that may develop. Again, zero tolerance, bye.

*We do not criticize each other's schools or teaching styles. While we are all Montessori, we are still individuals, in different schools and have different personalities and methods.

*If you see any suspicious or illegal behavior towards children by a MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY, please contact me immediately. Do not comment. We will investigate as much as we can as well as notify the proper authorities. I will not share your identity if you request this.

* I reserve the right to add, remove, or alter the rules at any time as the community develops.

I don't have the rules to be a snarky jerk. I believe in an open, friendly environment for people working to educate children free from ridicule, harassment and the snark that goes on around here. There are plenty of snarkbitchfest communities. Go bitch about us there instead of here ;). We don't mind.

--- If you have keyword suggestions, let me know! ---